POCSO Certification Training: Understand your role and the law


The responsibility to ensure safety and well-being of our children isn’t just a choice but an imperative. As a caring professional, we understand that your role extends beyond the day-to-day care of children. Join our POCSO workshop to equip yourself with vital knowledge and strategies that make you a guardian of child safety – a responsibility that transcends all our careers.

Avail the plethora of expertise to recognize, prevent, and address child sexual abuse. Gain insights from our content curated by legal experts, mental health professionals, and social workers, amplifying your ability to protect the vulnerable.

In this Program over the period of 2 days, we will cover –

• Child Sexual Abuse: the psycho-social parameters to keep in mind to better understand children
• Understanding the POCSO Act and Rules

Target Audience –

Any person who wishes to upskill themselves with respect to the emotional quotient in interacting with children and the law including Families, School staff (teaching and administrative), Caregivers, legal practitioners, mental health professionals, Law students, Social Workers, Experts or Organizations working with Children, Adult Survivors of CSA, Support Persons as per the Law (including outreach volunteers) is welcome to join our discussions.

Also, any Organization or individual interacting with children, directly or indirectly, including schools, coaching, creches, entertainment industry, child care institutions, etc. will be valuable additions.

Modality – Virtual

For more details on what will be covered during the 2 days and the Giveaways, please scroll down.

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DAY 1 – 14th Sep 2023DAY 2 – 15th Sep 2023
Time4:00pm to 6:00pm4:00pm to 6:00pm
GiveawaysIndicators of CSA
Dos & Don’ts in case of CSA
POCSO Act, 2012 & Rules, 2020
List of Offenses and Punishments under POCSO Act
Overview of Reporting Mechanism
List of Authorities
POCSO Act, 2012 & Rules, 2020
Point of Discussion Understanding Child Sexual Abuse
Prevalence of Child Sexual Abuse
Factors to Consider when we are Understanding CSA
Tactics used by Perpetators
Indicators of CSA
Impact of CSA
Reasons why Children don’t Disclose
Creating an Emotionally Safe Space for Disclosure:

Dos & Don’ts
Responding to experience of Adult Survivors
Addressing acts of sexual violations among Peers
Action to be taken in case of CSA
Self-care for Adults caring for children
Definition of a child
Legislations pertaining to sexual violations against children: POCSO, IPC, IT Act, JJ Act
Child Rights – UNCRC
History of the POCSO Law
POCSO: Key Features
Understanding Sexual Offences and their Punishment
Non-Sexual Offences
Relevant Authorities under the Law: Role and Functions
Reporting Mechanism as per POCSO Act
Special Measures: Law and Government
Child Sexual Offences: IPC and IT Act
POCSO Act and Legislations Around the World: Comparative Analysis